Our Mission

Applegate Learning Collective

Applegate Learning Collective, or ALC, is a homeschool cooperative started by three Grants Pass, Oregon families.  In our own words, here are our mission statements:

     "Applegate Learning Collective is a one-of-a-kind school where every child is given the tools to excel in every academic area, while being nurtured in a comfortable and caring environment.  We tailor our instruction for each child and offer enrichment courses, foreign language, art, and hands-on learning as well.  We strive to instill a love of learning in each child by helping him/her gain strong building blocks for a lifetime of learning."
-Ellery Garrison, Principal of A.L.C.

 "We are making the choice to educate our children in a home school setting because we can provide a higher level of education through homeschooling than our children would receive in a traditional classroom.  Implemented Federal Required Standards and Programs that may teach to the lowest common denominator govern traditional schooling.  Also, communication regarding learning gaps and behavior can be lagging in public schools due to span of control.  Although peer pressure and bullying aren't tolerated in any school setting, it is less likely to escalate in a well-supervised homeschooling or co-op due to earlier intervention.

Because homeschooling focuses on children as individuals, our children's education can be tailored to their capabilities and personality.  Homeschooled kids often have more time to foster unique interests and for creative learning and play.

The rigid structure of the traditional classroom discourages creativity and independent thinking.  Children have an intuitive love of learning which is often stifled once they get to school mainly because teachers do not have the time to deal with interests that are not on their curriculum.  We want our children to form a life long love of learning.  We feel a home school co-op is the optimal setting to start this journey."  -Seton Family

"Public schools failed to meet the needs of our daughter, now 22 years old and cleaning houses. In cooperative homeschooling, we are confident that our 7 year old son will be embraced and challenged. The student to teacher ratio, flexible curriculum guided by student interests, and dedicated parents and staff, will facilitate our son's love of learning to last his lifetime." -Rotter Family

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